About Us

Euroforest Limited

Euroforest is the UK’s largest independent provider of timber harvesting and marketing services. Our company has extensive experience in maximising returns for its clients, working from regional offices located in the far north of Scotland, south to Devon and the Channel Coast. Our timber harvesting company offers a unique level of service, capability and professionalism to a broad spectrum of forestry owners, state forestry services, large private estates, investment trusts and professional forestry managers, to community associations and farmers with shelter belts.

Owned and operated by a combination of private equity investors and company employees, the fully independent company now harvests in excess of 2.1 million cubic metres of timber every year which is approximately 15% of the entire annual British forestry production volume. The Euroforest timber harvesting service markets both standing trees and roadside purchases, encompassing first thinning through to clear felling. The company uses a variety of transport systems to carry material to a well-established customer base.

Euroforest supplies the entire UK market, from small-scale millers through to the largest processing operations, as well as some European customers. Our innovative approach delivers an impartial, fully independent service to the grower. So if you’re in search of a smooth product flow, from timber harvesting through to marketing and haulage, that maximises the financial yield from a woodland – choose Euroforest.