Euroforest building the road to success

A Reflection From Managing Director, David Symons

Euroforest’s Managing Director, David Symons, reflects on 2021 and looks forward to another great year.

"As 2021 ends, Euroforest look forward to another successful year providing timber harvesting, marketing, and forest management solutions across Scotland, England & Wales.  2021 has been an incredibly busy year for the Euroforest group of companies and although we have all faced many challenges due to the ongoing pandemic,fluctuating timber markets, an exceptional cold spell at the start of the year,devastating winds at the end of the year, and an ever increasing risk from pests and diseases, we have come through 2021 in a strong position and continue to expertly provide a range of forestry services to forest owners and landowners across the United Kingdom. 

The team at Euroforest remain at the heart of everything we do and are critical to our success. We offer a range of  forestry related services to landowners and the timber industry, and have a number of exciting opportunities available to join our team and become part of what we do. 

We look forward to what is likely to be another busy year in 2022 as the UK economy remains strong in spite of the ongoing pandemic.  With the pressure for new housing remaining insatiable,and governments continuing to work towards Net Zero, the demand for sustainably managed timber is only going to increase."