Christopher Pickup
Area Manager - The Midlands

Christopher joined Euroforest in August 2021 after being drawn to the company’s growth as a business and the principled stance taken in relation to Compliance, Safety and Employee Wellbeing.  He is currently working as an Area Manager in the Midlands where he is responsible for timber purchasing either standing or at roadside, sourcing and managing new and existing clients.  He also manages harvesting operations and timber marketing within his area.  

Christopher has significant experience in the forestry sector, having spent nearly two decades working in various positions as a Silviculture Forester, Harvesting Forester and Senior Harvesting Forester in South Africa.  His professional qualifications include a B-tech and National Diploma in Forestry, Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry & Wood Science, and a MSc degree in Forestry & Wood Science.

Christopher has always been passionate about harvesting, logistics and forest engineering practices. He also has an interest in compliance, certification and responsible forest management and continues to broaden his knowledge in this area from a UK perspective.  Chris believes there will be an increased focus on such issues as responsible management and sustainability as forestry has an important role to play climate change.

If you wish to get in contact with Christopher, please use the details above.