What We Do


Euroforest Limited takes an integrated approach to all the risks inherent in the harvesting process based on internationally accredited management systems.

This enables forest owners to comply with all current UK and international legislative and environmental procedures, whilst also benefiting from the Company’s dual FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

Training and supporting our team of area managers, all our compliance procedures are overseen by Simon Wallis with direct support from Mark Tansley.

Harvesting & Marketing

Euroforest Limited’s range of skills and experience enables us to undertake all types of harvesting work, enhancing the woodland and its value, implementing the designated forest management scheme.

This service is capable of meeting the demands of every size of harvesting project both large and small, conifers and broadleaves, standing or at roadside.

Working within the constraints of each site Euroforest co-operate with the owner, providing and implementing the solutions to any challenges, whilst working within agreed budgets and delivering a competitive return.


Using our partners Sheffield & Co and drawing on the network of specialist reliable hauliers nationwide, Euroforest uplift and transport timber from forest to processor efficiently and safely, as part of our commitment to forest owners.

Marketing the Whole Tree

Utilising the trunk of the tree for sawlogs, the upper stem for pallet and fencing and the smaller tops and poorer quality as chip and biomass, Euroforest maximise every part of the tree’s main stem.

On many sites the branches are gathered up and chipped then sold and used as biomass for heat and power production. The Company’s wide range of regular customers include both large and small sawmills, pulp mills, panel board manufacturers, round fencing and specialist mills for large diameter material. Landscaping, animal bedding and biomass provide a variety of end uses that means all grades of timber can find a market.

We have the extensive contacts essential to getting the best price for every part of your trees.