This process forms part of a sustainable forest ecosystem and marks the end of the timbers’ current life cycle and the start of the next growth stage.

Euroforest carry out all timber harvesting using state-of-the-art machinery, which is the safest and most cost-effective way to fell and extract timber to roadside.


Clearfell is the term frequently used in forestry for the clearing of all trees from a predetermined area, and is often used when the forest rate of growth is high and the rotation length is relatively short.  This sustainable forest management technique fells trees when they reach their maximum growth potential and is allowed under a forest management plan or approved felling licence.  This process forms part of a sustainable forest ecosystem and marks the end of the timbers’ current life cycle and the start of the next growth stage.

The team at Euroforest have significant experience and knowledge in undertaking and delivering clearfell to the highest of standards, while always maximising forest owners returns.  As a business, clearfell represents a significant proportion of the timber Euroforest harvest and market on an annual basis.  We purchase clearfell timber in a variety of ways either competitively in the open market or directly from the landowner, who we work collaboratively with to ensure maximum economic return.  We can also advise on roading requirements to service any clear fell works and apply for roading permits and felling licences if required by the landowner.

Euroforest Clearfell
Euroforest Clearfell
Clearfell Euroforest

Euroforest always endeavour to work to the highest of standards from a health, safety and environmental perspective across all our sites.  Clearfell sites can often be large, last for many months, have varying environmental conditions, and have significant levels of constraints. For challenging and complex sites we will often produce a detailed harvesting and water management plan prior to works commencing.

Clearfell sites are monitored regularly by Euroforest staff to ensure that all operations are managed correctly.  Part of the site visit includes completing a site monitoring checklist which is recorded digitally and allows for photos to be attached.  These can be shared with landowners if required as part of our regular reporting. Managers will also check the quality of timber being produced and ensure it is being cut to the correct specification for the customer. This ensures the landowner is receiving the highest level of site supervision and the best economic return.

Euroforest routinely use modern and efficient machinery for clearfell harvesting.  The fleet of harvesting machines owned by Blacklock Harvesting gives Euroforest managers remote access to the onboard harvesting computer and allows our team to make informed decisions on cutting specifications, breakout, and areas felled to date.  This information allows Euroforest to monitor the actual breakout against the budget and ensure the harvesting teams are working in accordance with the plan.  This information can also be reported back to landowners, along with maps detailing the felling progress to date.

This enables forest owners to comply with all current UK and international legislative and environmental procedures, whilst also benefiting from the Euroforests’ dual FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certification.