Euroforest Ltd was established 1991 by staff and investors via a management buyout from Economic Forestry Group Plc.


"Our aim was and always will be to offer the very best service to all forest owners."

David Symons - Managing Director

Euroforest Limited - Our history

Euroforest Ltd was established in 1991 by staff and investors via a management buyout from Economic Forestry Group plc; the principal investor being Ahlmark AB based in Karlstad, Sweden. As large-scale planting came to an end with changes in government legislation in 1988, the focus of the forestry industry moved to the harvesting of the new forests planted after the 1st and 2nd World Wars. The company can trace its roots back into the 1950’s with a continuous blood line from the establishment of Forest Thinning’s Limited in the 1950’s to EFG plc in the 80’s to the incorporation of Euroforest Limited in 1991.

Under a leadership team of Tony Willis, Roger Cantle and Keith Leech the business was established on a nationwide basis. Throughout the 1990’s Euroforest grew a strong base of private sector suppliers as well as taking on a number of long-term contracts for harvesting and marketing within the state sector. Our aim was, and always will be, to service all forest owners both large and small; this is something that has been in the DNA of the business since the early days of Forest Thinning’s.

As the new forests and markets came into production, by 2010 the business was achieving sales in excess of 1 million tonnes per annum, expanding rapidly over the next 7 years to reach 2 million tonnes per annum. Whilst much of the early work focused on thinning’s, our main focus moved to clear fell as UK forestry matured. Today we continue to service forest owners of all sizes around the UK, with sales of timber continue at around 2 million tonnes per annum, equating to approximately 16% of the UK’s annual harvesting volume.

Over the last 30 years our primary customers have been in the UK, although in times of low UK demand, we have marketed our client timber to European customers in France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Finland where we maintain strong customer relations.  Our principal aim however is to supply the UK sawmilling sector and realise best value for our clients both in terms of financial return and quality of service.

Our Timeline

Euroforest Ltd Timeline

In 2012, David Symons became the Managing Director, and with the current senior management team began the task of diversifying and broadening the scope of the original business into a group of forestry companies which allows Euroforest to give our clients a full range of forestry related services.

Today Euroforest is a modern, dynamic, forestry business offering complimentary services to forest owners throughout the UK.  In doing so Euroforest aggregate and deliver large volumes of timber to the UK’s wood processing industry.

Our business is in a sustainable product which can lock up carbon for hundreds or even thousands of years, with government policy firmly based on net zero by 2050 the future for our industry and our company is bright!

Euroforest Head Office, Carlisle.