Euroforest use a broad range of haulage contracts to provide our landowners and customers with a complete forestry logistical solution.

“The Euroforest PIN security system requires that all timber lorries and drivers are registered with our internal security system and must have a valid PIN before loading can commence.”

Simon Coleman, Director of Major Clients, Stirling Office. 

Euroforest - Haulage

The process of harvesting and marketing timber should be considered as a two-stage process.  Firstly, felling the trees and bringing the timber to forest roadside, and secondly mobilising the transport in order to get the timber to the customer.  It is not unusual for modern harvesters teams to produce in excess of 700 tonnes of timber every week.  This is achieved by two machines working simultaneously: a harvester felling the timber and a forwarder taking the timber to the forest roadside, ready for collection.
Once the timber is at roadside in the forest Euroforest need to mobilise a considerable haulage resource to move the volume of timber.  A weekly harvester production of 700 tonnes equates to 28 lorry loads of timber which could be traveling long distances on fragile and increasingly congested roads.  Euroforests’ dedicated area managers supervise the whole process from the trees being harvested, the weekly loads being agreed with the sawmill, the haulage being arranged, and the individual load tickets being checked by the manager and entered into our IT harvesting system.

Euroforest manage this using a broad spectrum of haulage contractors from single owner drivers to our larger haulage partners like AW Jenkinson Haulage. 

This enables Euroforest to provide our landowners and customers with a complete forestry logistical solution to any site, irrespective of size across the UK.

To enable Euroforest to deliver this service we work with in excess of 500 specialist haulage contractors in addition to our Group hauliers, AW Jenkinson and Sheffield & Co.

Euroforest will always work in accordance with any local haulage restrictions and consult any ‘Timber Transport Agreed Route Maps’, Euroforest and our contractors have a range of vehicles fully equipped to operate on sensitive ‘consultation’ routes, allowing marketing opportunities for woodland owners in even the most remote areas with limited access.

Euroforest can chose from a fleet of modern and bespoke hauliers to deliver a solution for all forests, especially those will poor or weak infrastructure.  To do this we work with many hauliers who have invested heavily in Central Tyre Inflation systems (CTI).  CTI Technology enables tyre pressures to be adjusted from the wagon cab as and when required.  This increases traction and significantly reduces wear and tear on road surfaces, and can minimising road maintenance costs, prolonging the life of the forest road, and provide a potential cost saving to forest owners.

Euroforest operate vehicle configurations to suit all situations and have access to a range of vehicles from lorries with self-loading capacity which are predominately used for moving timber over shorter distances, to lorries that use a flat trailer with no self-loading capacity.  These lorries are normally used when timber needs to be transported over a longer distance and are loaded by either another timber lorry or a specialist crane unit.  All of the vehicles are either fitted with loading technology in the crane or trailer unit to ensure we comply with regulation load weights.  Euroforest operate a strict overloading policy which ensures load weights are adhered to which minimises the impact on forest and public roads.  Our versatile logistic options allow Euroforest the flexibility to maximise our services in a changeable market, generating the best possible return for the customer and landowner.  

Euroforest Haulage

Haulage partner, Peter McKerral & Co Ltd, loading logs onto a flat bed trailer with their purpose built independent loader for delivery to UK sawmill.

Haulage Euroforest

Haulage partner Coille Haulage loading timber lorries with flat trailers from a large capacity site in Central Scotland.  Timber is brought to a timber loading area by a low ground pressure machine (shown in picture) managed by Euroforest.

Euroforest have also invested heavily in our own timber security system.  This can be used on all Euroforest contracts that do not have some other form of timber security provided by the land owner, for example UK Forest Authorities.  The Euroforest PIN security system requires that all timber lorries and drivers are registered with our internal security system.  When a haulier plans to do a load from a Euroforest site they must text a dedicated phone number with key contract information.  If the information the haulier provides is correct, the system will automatically generate a PIN number which is their authorisation to collect the load.  The PIN number is recorded on each delivery note by the haulier and when processed by the Euroforest manager our IT system will check the data is correct, highlight any anomalies, and report on any requested PIN numbers which have not been reconciled against processed tickets.

Euroforest Haulage

Forwarder loading flatbed lorry with Ash destined for Kent Renewable Energy on behalf of Euroforest in Southern England.  

Euroforest Haulage

Sheffield & Co. self-loading lorry and trailer unit collecting pallet wood in South Scotland.

Euroforest Haulage

Sheffield & Co. driver demonstrating great skill loading short length fencing for a customer in South Scotland.

Euroforest Haulage

Sheffield & Co. driver strapping a load prior to departing a forest.

Euroforest Haulage

Jon Lawrence Haulage loading Douglas Fir logs from a site with challenging access in Southern England.

Euroforest take our responsibilities in relation to our haulage services very seriously.  Our partners and contractors have invested heavily in providing a landowners and customers with a modern and efficient haulage fleet that is compliant with all regulations, considerate to both forest and local road networks and backed up by the Euroforest PIN system.