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“The carbon market is expanding rapidly with carbon credits fast becoming a tradable commodity of increasing value.”

Graham Taylor MBE, Development Director for Pryor & Rickett Silviculture. 

PRS have access to enhanced carbon markets through working collaboratively with Forest Canopy Foundation which enables landowners to access funding to plant trees on their land at no cost. 

Euroforest - New Carbon Forests

Carbon offsetting is not a new concept and has been well publicised since the framework agreement of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) was first established in 1992.  As a result, it became mandatory for many companies and governments globally to offset their carbon emissions. Although not legally required in the UK, the even increasing awareness of climate change and its impacts on individuals, societies and consumers is starting to drive change, with many individuals and companies considering mitigating their carbon emissions through voluntary offsetting.

The carbon market is expanding rapidly with carbon credits fast becoming a tradable commodity of increasing value.  Pryor & Rickett (PRS), part of The Euroforest Group of businesses, are well positioned to help landowners and investors to maximise the carbon value in new woodland creation and facilitate the sale of the carbon generated.   

New carbon forests Euroforest

Enhanced Carbon Markets
PRS work collaboratively with The Forest Canopy Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation created by a group of professionals across the forestry industry who are dedicated to increasing woodland creation across the UK in response to the climate crisis. FCF presents the full range of Natural Capital benefits on planting projects as well as offering the opportunity to aggregate projects from multiple forest management companies into a larger offer, thus enabling access to larger purchasers of carbon units and enhanced carbon pricing when units are sold. 
Carbon for Landowners
PRS are experts in woodland and forestry creation.  Working with modern technologies, PRS can offer a design and delivery service to clients that is unique in the land management sector.  UK Carbon projects are regulated through the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC).  PRS have access to enhanced carbon markets through working collaboratively with Forest Canopy Foundation www.forestcanopyfoundation )which enables landowners to access funding to plant trees on their land at no cost.  This tree establishment work is carried out under a strict code of practice with a minimum of 25 years management to ensuring the highest standards are met.   

Carbon and Investors
PRS work closely with existing and prospective investors on the acquisition of land and woodlands to suit any investment requirement whether as a financial return or a carbon related investment.  Selecting the correct property is crucial when trying to achieve the investor criteria and it is important to consider species, age, or locality, which all have a strong influence on the overall investment performance.  PRS have the knowledge and experience to advise potential investors on which factors will best suit their investment requirements.
Carbon for Companies
PRS work directly with companies to develop woodland creation projects. PRS can help with land acquisition, forest design, grant applications, WCC registration, and delivery of woodland creation i.e. plant and manage the trees on behalf of the company, therefore allowing them to offset their carbon emissions.

If you require more information on carbon or wish to discuss a forestry related acquisition, please contact Graham Taylor on or call head office on 01432 851311.