Douglas King
Area Manager - Southwest England

Douglas joined Euroforest in 2012 as an area manager covering the Southwest of England from Bristol South and everything West to Penzance.  Prior to working with Euroforest Douglas was well known in the local forestry industry as a self-employed chainsaw operator which he did for 14 years.  He also undertook work for local estates acting as their forester.

Douglas was attracted to Euroforest and the prospects the company had to offer, giving him the opportunity to progress into a more management focused role while still being able to offer and undertake good quality forestry operations and use his previous skills to improve practices and relationships with woodland owners.  He also has a degree in forestry and has several work-related qualifications from street works excavations and the associated signage, lighting and guarding.  While at Euroforest he has also undertaken forest works manager training and Ash Die Back management training.

In Douglas’ current role as Area Manager, he is responsible for buying timber both standing and at roadside and is heavily involved in planning operations for harvesting sites which are often small volumes and challenging in their nature.  He is also involved with planning haulage and liaising with timber markets to ensure landowners timber moves quickly which is essential as sites can often have limited stacking space.

He has a keen interest in forestry and believes in the importance of creating and maintaining woodlands.  He is an advocate for good forestry silviculture practices throughout the forests’ life cycle and is a believer in the benefits forestry has for both climate change and the importance of health and wellbeing for people.  Douglas is a passionate Forester, is eager to see more productive and well managed forests for the future and wants to spread the message to young people that Forestry is a great career. 

If you wish to contact Douglas to discuss any aspects of timber harvesting within his area, please contact him on the details above.