Acquired in May 2014, Sheffield & Co is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euroforest Ltd.


"Sheffield & Co operate a modern fleet to provide a reliable forest to sawmill service."

Cameron Smith, Managing Director

Sheffield & Co Ltd

Sheffield & Company Limited, founded in 1947, specialises in timber harvesting, marketing and haulage.  Acquired in May 2014, Sheffield and Co Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Euroforest Limited.  Based in Carlisle, Sheffield & Co are ideally located to serve a broad range of clients across North England, the Borders and South West Scotland, although are not exclusive to these areas.

Sheffield & Co offer a range of harvesting options, the focus of which is the provision of specialist low impact harvesting systems to operate in sensitive environments and providing market opportunities for woodland owners whose management objectives require a more traditional approach to timber harvesting.

Sheffield & Co operate a modern fleet of five specialist timber wagons including both six wheeler & drag and artic combinations, all of which are equipped with Central Tyre Inflation Systems (CTI).

CTI technology enables tyre pressures to be adjusted from the wagon cab which helps to mitigate wear and tear on the forest road surface and increases traction, which in turn minimises road maintenance costs, prolonging the life of the forest road and provides cost savings to forest owners. 

Additionally, CTI technology ensures vehicles are equipped to operate on sensitive ‘consultation’ routes, allowing marketing opportunities for woodland owners in the most remote areas.
The modern fleet has been specified with the latest technology, matching efficiency with minimal environmental impact. Euro 6 vehicles are augmented by a national fleet distribution that minimises hugely wasteful empty running, delivering significant transport savings that are passed directly on to our suppliers. Our own drivers undergo a programme of regular driver training, including the use of safe and fuel efficient driving techniques and specialist trailer-mounted crane operation training.
With over 70 years of experience, Sheffield & Co’s professional approach ensure our clients timber operations provide the best returns possible.  

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