“Euroforest have been at the forefront of many high-profile Renewable Energy construction projects”

Stuart Hansom, General Manager, Stirling

Euroforest are able to offer the full advisory and harvesting service to landowners, their agents and construction developers.

Harvesting - Windfarms

The drive for Renewable Energy has gathered pace in the UK as energy policies focus on decarbonising energy production with a move away from fossil fuels. Wind power has and will continue to play a large part in this evolving energy supply.  UK commercial forestry has frequently been established on upland, marginal land that is often deemed highly suitable for wind generation.  Many forests have been repurposed with renewable energy now part of a varied land use.
Many large- and small-scale onshore windfarms are located entirely within, or adjacent to, commercial woodlands of some description. Turbine efficiency and subsequent electrical generation relies on a smooth and un-interrupted wind flow. Trees naturally interrupt these wind flow patterns and therefore many windfarm projects rely on pre-construction felling programmes designed specifically to improve wind yield and efficiency.
Euroforest have become industry leaders in providing an advisory and harvesting service to landowners, their agents and construction developers. We can offer consultation from a harvesting perspective, undertake site investigation works, and carry out full site clearance, working within the tight time constraints normally associated with wind farm development.  We can utilise a range of harvesting techniques using our diverse range of machinery.  These include excavator-based snips for wet ground and site clearance with standard harvester forwarder work and brash/biomass removal.  

Euroforest work with a number of specialist contractors, sourced local to the site where possible, who can undertake a varied range of harvesting operations. Timber is always marketed at best value and to a range of local customers ensuring rapid placement to the market minimising disruption on site.

Projects of this nature generally involve intensive onsite management and supervision, which we can resource accordingly to suit all needs, drawing on a wealth of inhouse knowledge and experience with managers who have been involved in windfarm projects for over a decade. Euroforest managers are used to working within these environments, complying with CDM (Construction Design & Management) regulations along with managing multiple stakeholder windfarm interests.  This is something Euroforest are highly experienced in delivering in a safe and efficient manner.

Euroforest have a dedicated compliance team made up of three full time compliance officers who support all staff and have proven invaluable in the past when producing complex risk assessments and method statements involved in wind farm development.  We are accredited through the ISO standards 14001 Environmental Management Systems and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management systems, demonstrating our capability to work to the highest standards.    

Below shows examples of some of our recent Windfarm projects.

Euroforest Residue

Brash and residue clearance to deliver a clean and compliant site ready for windfarm development.

Euroforest Winfarm

A recent project showing Euroforest road line felling and infrastructure development by the windfarm contractor

Windfarm Euroforest

Road line felling and road development on a challenging deep peat site with a small tree size.

Euroforest Crop Clearance

Main crop clearance to dedicated infrastructure spurs to allow timber harvesting and haulage to operate without disruption to the main windfarm.

Kype Muir Windfarm:  2015 –2019
Euroforest delivered the full service to this four-year, 26 turbine project including site investigation keyhole felling, road access corridor felling, main site clearance and brash removal.

Harting Rigg Windfarm 2019 – ongoing
Euroforest are continuing to deliver harvesting services to this 10 turbine project.  This includes 12KM of keyhole felling on this challenging deep peat site using specialised low-ground pressure excavator-based harvesters and snips.

South Kyle Windfarm 2020 – ongoing
Euroforest won an element of the felling works on this large-scale windfarm project which consists of 50 turbines.  Euroforest are responsible for felling and brash removal over 106 hectares.
If you wish to discuss a windfarm project with one of our experienced team please contact Stuart Hansom, General Manager Stirling & North on 07795 817713, or Steven Parr, General Manager Carlisle & South on 07803 951334.