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Euroforest Deliver 1 Millionth of Fuel to Kent Renewable Energy

Euroforest Limited have delivered the millionth tonne of fuel to Kent Renewable Energy Limited.


Yesterday, the one millionth tonne of fuel rolled across the weighbridge at Kent Renewable Energy Limited. Since commencement of supply in 2018, Euroforest & partners have provided a consistent supply of fuel to power the town of Sandwich, Kent and the surrounding areas. The original concept for the project was to supply heat and power to Discovery Park (a local science park) and electricity to 50,000 homes. The project has since evolved and now also supplies heat and power to new businesses at Discovery Park, including a vertical farm, hotel, petrol station and EV chargers.


Over the past five years there have been significant challenges to the wood fibre supply chain in Southeast England with widespread Ash dieback and the arrival of Ips typographus from the continent.  Throughout this, Euroforest and partners have continued to successfully grow the supply base and look forward to working with our suppliers, contractors, and hauliers on our journey to 2 million tonnes.