The Euroforest Group

The Euroforest Group, established in 1991, has grown significantly since its inception and now encompasses six dynamic businesses offering landowners and the timber industry end-to-end forestry solutions across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

The group of businesses provide all aspects of forestry services from forest management, woodland creation and replanting, to harvesting and timber marketing, timber haulage, and managing the supply of timber to the UK biomass industry.

Our dedicated team sell over 2.7M cubic meters of timber annually, manage over 40,000 hectares of woodland and have extensive experience in maximising returns for our clients.  

Euroforest Ltd

Euroforest is the UK’s largest independent provider of timber harvesting and marketing services. Our company has extensive experience in maximising returns for its clients, working from regional offices located in the far north of Scotland, south to Devon and the Channel Coast. Our timber harvesting company offers a unique level of service, capability and professionalism to a broad spectrum of forestry owners, state forestry services, large private estates, investment trusts and professional forestry managers, to community associations and farmers with shelter belts. Read More

Sheffield and Company

Sheffield and Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Group specialise in timber harvesting, marketing, haulage and landscaping.  Founded in 1947, Sheffield and Co offer a range of harvesting options, in particular providing marketing opportunities for woodland owners whose management objectives require a more traditional approach to timber harvesting.  Sheffield and Co also operate their own modern fleet of timber wagons equipped with the latest technology to provide a reliable forest to sawmill service. Read More

Pryor & Rickett Silviculture

The team of Chartered Foresters and Woodland consultants at Pryor & Rickett Silviculture (PRS) offer a range of services including forest management, woodland creation, and timber marketing.  The business work closely with landowners and their teams to manage woodlands and forests of all sizes, as well as with existing and prospective investors on the acquisition of land and woodlands to achieve a range of investment outcomes.  In line with increased planting and woodland creation, Pryor & Ricketts’ role in the carbon market is continuing to grow. Read More

Euroforest Ireland

Euroforest Ireland, established in 2017, is the largest independent provider of timber harvesting and marketing services in Ireland.  The business offer timber marketing and roadside purchases for all timber, from thinning to clear felling.  The dedicated team who harvest over 200K cubic metres of timber annually, undertake activities countrywide, supported by a network of regional offices. Read More


Baltfor based in the Northwest of Estonia, became part of the Euroforest Group in late 2017.  The principle aim of the business was to equip UK bioenergy users with fuelwood sourced from Estonia and other Baltic countries where there is a sufficient quantity of raw material that is not suitable for milling or added value products, but ideal for energy production.  Baltfor mainly operates from the Port of Paldiski, where material is stored before being loaded onto ships bound for the UK and other European destinations.  Read More

Blacklock Harvesting

Blacklock Harvesting, established in the early 1990’s, operates a modern fleet of harvesting machinery capable of delivering a high-quality service from small scale thinning’s to large clear fells.  The business which was acquired in 2019 by The Euroforest Group has grown significantly in recent years from 6 machines to a fleet of over 45, and are now fully established across Scotland as well as in Northern England.  Read More