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James Dolton Discusses Chipping Brash on Windfarm Site in Southwest Scotland

Ben Sinden, Euroforest’s Contract Supervisor for Dumfries and Galloway, recently interviewed James Dolton, owner and operator of M&D Biomass and Forestry Services on the chipping work he has undertaken at South Kyle Windfarm.  

Euroforest felled an area in excess of 200ha within the windfarm development on behalf of Vattenfall. Upon completion of the timber harvesting, Euroforest offered brash extraction to the agent, which was undertaken by A.W. Jenkinson.  Once chipped, the products were transported into local biomass plants by AW Jenkinson Transport using walking floors.

The brash extraction has left the site clean and presentable for restocking. Please click the following link to view the videos on our facebook page: Additional videos of the chipping in action can be found in the comments.  A big thanks to James for detailing your work.