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Storm Arwen Recovery Begins On Affected Woodlands

Three weeks on from Storm Arwen and its devastating effects on forests in Scotland and Northern England is starting to be realised.   

 CONFOR and the Forestry authorities across the country unite to begin the planning and recovery of the woodlands affected.  It is estimated that damage to woodlands in Scotland and Northern England is in excess of 5,700 hectares.  This figure has been obtained by Forest Research who in a very short period of time developed a very detailed mapping tool which has analysed satellite imagery from before and after the storm.  

Storm Arwen Windblow Mapping Tool:

The tool overlays the windblown areas onto Ordnance Survey maps to highlight where the damage has occurred.  This allows woodland managers and forest owners to quickly and easily access initial damage using the satellite data without the need to spend considerable time accessing the area on the ground. This tool has been further enhanced by the launch of a new Citizen Science App which allows users to view, record and validate potential areas of windblown conifer trees.

Woodland Managers have been requested to share any information they gather on windblow areas which will be added to the mapping tool, enabling the sector to develop a clearer picture of the total damage. 

Euroforest and our group of companies will help with this process and provide any additional data to assist with the success of the Forest Research’s tool.  Euroforest offer a range of services to assist landowners with any windblow clearance from initial assessment,felling licence application, harvesting operations, and marketing of the timber.

 If you wish to get in touch with Euroforest regarding,please contact our Head Office on 01228 217517 or using the form below, or find your local area manager in Contact Us.